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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Dream 11 Wining Tips And Tricks – Ind Fantasy

  Welcome to Ind Fantasy Dream 11 Platform

In dream 11 you need to pick a solitary blended group from both group of 11 players(1 keeper,3– 5 batsmen,3– 5 Bowler)and likewise settle on two imperative choices commander and bad habit captain.The better the player performs increasingly the focuses you gain.

  • A commander makes twice(2 X) the focuses earned.
  • A bad habit commander makes (1.5 occasions) the focuses earned
  • A batsman makes 1 on each 2 runs scored.
  • A bowler makes 10 points on each wicket taken.
  • A defender gets 4 on each catch.
  • A manager get 6 points on confusing.

Exceptional extra focuses are likewise there on more prominent strike rates, boundaries,half century or century for a batsmen.

Thus extra focuses are on better financial rates,maidens for a bowler,run outs and so forth and so on.


1.First of all ensure the player you pick plays on the match day. This data is accessible at cricbuzz 5 hours before the match starts.

2.The player must be 100% fit and above all in great form.A inappropriate behavior batsmen can likewise play significantly well however the odds are less.

3.On the off chance that you are picking a bowler as a captain.That bowler needs to take various wickets with great financial rate,which is difficult to anticipate as in numerous events great bowlers go costly in a T-20 game.Bowlers as a chief can be a decent choice when its a low scoring game.Mostly bowler isn’t picked as a Captain by larger part due to vulnerability.


You need to know first which 22 players(11 each for the two groups) will play on the day.The genuine squad is around 40 players(20 each for both teams).Many players are made to sit on bench.Never pick a player from squad who is in bench.Reason of not in playing 11 are many like not in form,unfit,not in India,rested,banned,injured,personal reasons.

On the off chance that you pick a refreshed player you get zero points for that player,so don’t run with players who are suspicious to play.

In this match this was the playing 11 for the two groups .You can see half of the squad is on the seat.

Sift through the playing 22 out of this rundown of 40.The data will be accessible at cricbuzz 5 hours before the match begin time.But there can be few a minute ago changes in the group which is educated amid the hurl and after that you can’t roll out any improvements as dream 11 locks one hour before the match. So you need to depend on the news circling in the web before the match which are 90% precise.


1.You get 100 credits to choose the each of the eleven players.Each player has some credit score.The better the player ,more prominent is his financial assessment. You need to deal with your group determination to such an extent that it doesn’t surpass 100 FICO assessment.

2.You can pick at most 7 players from a solitary group and need to pick no less than 4 from a team.A mix can be of 7:4,6:6,5:6,6:5,4:7.

3.There can be numerous great players to pick. So you can frame various blend and participate in a solitary challenge with at greatest 6 distinct groups with various skippers and Vice captain.Hoping a couple of them to win and bring you overwhelming profit to balance the loss of 25 Rs each on other fizzled groups.


There are two sort of challenges

One is Grand League (absences of participants,more rivalry however less section expenses like 10,25,50 Rs ) and the other is little group( few 10/20 members ,less competition,high passage charges like Rs 5000,10,000).


In the event that your skipper scores a duck and bad habit commander too performs badly.Irrespective of how different players play,you will undoubtedly be in base 50 % of the populace you are contending. In these cases you free the sum you paid,end up winning nothing.There is a half likelihood of such circumstance occurring.

On the off chance that your positions just crosses top 50 % of the partcipants,you simply recuperate your sum paid as a passage fees.Thus there is no benefit and no misfortune.

In rarest cases ,when your chief and bad habit skippers have performed splendidly on the day and alternate players barring a couple have contributed effectively.Then you are in the best 10%,you get twofold of what you paid.

At that point your rank will be inside 100,here you procure in Rs 100– Rs 10,000

Rank 1 makes a totally impeccable expectation ,on the off chance that you see his group ,you will feel as though he had just observed the match and has a Time machine.But its matter of fortunes and some instinct combined.The champ more likely than not played a considerable measure and lost on numerous past occasions.But the more you play,greater are the odds to win.You should know about each player profile.Who is good,better and best.

                                                       Best Of Luck……

Amit Kumar
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